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Don’t Miss This Data Driven Marketing and Tag Management Webinar!

We’ve got an exciting webinar on the way at Mediaplex. Join us on April 18 at 1PM Eastern for a presentation in association with Forrester Research on Data Driven Marketing and Tag Management. 

Brand leaders are working hard to make “data-driven marketing” a reality for themselves and their teams. Websites can be an incredibly rich source of marketing data, but most marketing organizations use tag management and data collection methods that are outdated, incomplete and error prone.

Join our guest, Senior Forrester Reasearch Analyst James McCormick and Mediaplex President David A. Yovanno as they discuss the importance of accurate website data and tag management.

You will learn:

  •  The 6 tenets of marketing intelligence and effective data collection 
  •  Why effective and accurate site tagging is critical
  •  How brands are changing the ways they manage website tags 
  •  The 4 leading tag management myths and why they matter 
  •  How tag management helps marketing agility and site performance 
  •  The 5 tag management “must haves” for today’s marketer 

It’s time to get real about your website data and how tag management can help you achieve your business goals.

Register Here: Tag Management: Getting Real About Your Marketing Data

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Our Q4 Complimentary Training Series is Now Up!

September 18, 2012 Leave a comment


The schedule of our complimentary training webinars for October through December 2012 is now available for you to view and register.


We encourage you to attend these complimentary online trainings to enhance your understanding of Mediaplex technology and it’s many benefits.  We remain committed to providing enhanced service and support as you become power users of our technology.


See the Schedule and Register


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The Myths, Magic and Mastery of Programmatic Buying with DSPs

Khara Hutchinson - Media Campaign Operations Supervisor, Mediaplex

Khara Hutchinson is Mediaplex’s Media Campaign Operations Supervisor and an advisor to the MOJO Demand Side Platform (DSP) product team. Behind the MOJO spoke with Khara about real-time bid strategies on exchanges, misconceptions, and the client launch of MOJO DSP and Mediaplex Media Services.

At a high level, what is a demand side platform (DSP)?

A DSP, at its heart, is a kind of ad server focused on engaging with real-time inventory sources. It has a predictive engine and the ability to automate bidding based on its algorithm’s ability to understand data and business criteria. The reason for using a DSP is to manage the sheer volume of both opportunities to bid and data required to execute a bid. These both require a high level of automation.

DSP should also have in place mechanisms for brand safety, targeting by geo, white and black lists, and segmentation. They should also support incorporating first-party and third-party data to drive the algorithmic engine.

In short, the most important aspect of a DSP is to use data to accurately predict the value of a user. And specifically, how do you value impressions and users on non-guaranteed inventory.

How do DSPs facilitate real-time bidding (RTB) on ad exchanges?

Ad exchanges have independent user interfaces you can go through. But if you’re trying to manage multiple exchange buys, a DSP not only enables efficiencies across multiple inventory sources but is the brains behind the operations. DSPs provide a way to programmatically buy in large numbers across multiple properties and enables efficiencies by aggregating workflow.

One benefit to a DSP is it supports a dynamic CPM on the exchange. This means that the winning bid pays the second-highest bid amount. The advantage to this is your winning price reflects the marketplace versus a set price by a publisher.

Isn’t exchange inventory just remnant publisher spots?

Remnant really just means unsold inventory, which can average 30% or more of a publisher’s total stock. I can’t think of a single premium publisher that does not send inventory to one or more exchanges.

Many publishers require inventory to be masked to avoid cannibalizing their guaranteed buys. But those high-CPM publishers do have media available on the exchanges for a fraction of the price. Again, this doesn’t mean that exchanges replace guaranteed buys at all. Inventory from portals and premium publishers fluctuates according to their guaranteed sell through and is most difficult to find when most advertisers need it most – in Q4.

Exchanges are about reach, efficiency, and the ability to value each individual impression based on whatever criteria your DSP is using for this.

It’s not the Wild, Wild West. There is good inventory. Your DSP should be able to capture the mid and long tail. But it’s also not about cookie bombing. Your execution must be data-driven and your DSP of choice must embrace that. No brand’s campaign is going to act like anyone else’s so the decisions you make must be backed up by data.

The DSP should also provide site transparency. If you’re relying only on publisher self-declared information about a site, it can come back to haunt you. Your DSP should provide safety ratings and utilize ad verification technologies. Read more…

Missed our webinar on data-driven marketing?

If you missed our webinar last week featuring panelists from (LendingTree), Xoom and Red Door Interactive discussing what it takes to be a data-driven marketer in digital media, you can listen to the recording here:

The panel answered questions on building a data strategy, engaging in the real time bid environment and attribution analytics., Xoom, and Red Door Interactive Discuss Their Data-Driven Media Strategy


Living the Data-Driven Digital Dream

Innovative Marketers Discuss Their Media Strategies
On the heels of our last presentation: the Brave New World of Digital Marketing, Mediaplex breaks the monotony of self-promoting, canned webinars. Instead, we asked a panel of marketing experts to share their views on their data-driven digital strategies.

They’ll answer questions that matter most to you including building a data strategy, engaging in the real time bid environment and attribution analytics. The panel features an industry-leading advertiser, a fast-growing global, online service vendor, and an envelope-pushing interactive agency that uses data to help their clients gain a true lift.


10AM Pacific Daylight (1PM Eastern Daylight)



nitin bhutani
VP of Marketing
david wabel
Director, Online Marketing
mikael greenlief
Online Media Planner
Red Door Interactive
david yovanno

June 2012 Ad Industry Events

June 5 – AdAge – Best Places to Work – Chicago, IL
June 7 – ThinkLA – Interactive Awards Gala – Beverly Hills, CA
June 7 – AMA – Marketing Boot Camp – San Antonio, TX
June 7 – SFBIG – Meet Up:  Moving from Events to Marketing – San Francisco, CA
June 8-9 – Internet Prophets Live! – Chicago, IL
June 12 – CIMA – Cubs Rooftop Club – Chicago, IL
June 14 – SFIMA – Email Marketing:  Case Studies & Best Practices – Dania Beach, FL
June 14 – ThinkLA – 3rd Annual Dodgeball Tournament – Playa del Rey, CA
June 14 – IABC – 2012 World Conference – Chicago, IL
June 20 – MIMA – Content Strategy for All – Minneapolis, MN
June 21 – IAB – Advertising Technology:  IAB Marketplace – New York, NY
June 24-27 – AMA – Advanced Research Techniques Forum – Seattle, WA
June 26 – iMedia Entertainment Summit – Hollywood, CA
June 26-29 – Brand Marketers Summit – Kohler, WI
June 26-27 – AMA – Advanced Social Media Training Series – St. Louis, MO
June 27 – AiMA – Social Media – Atlanta, GA
June 29 – DC Ad Club – 2012 Golf Outing – Frederick, MD

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What’s New At ValueClick Video

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NYC Welcomes Internet Week Today

This week is the biggest week for internet advertising in the country.  Every day this week marketers, advertisers, and online pioneers will be flocking to different conferences, educational sessions, parties and other kick off events around New York City.

Some of the most prominent conferences include:

If you are interested in meeting up, we have a few people out in force taking meetings and making the rounds at the various events who would be happy to chat.

Contact us on Twitter @Mediaplex or email me.

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ValueClick Media Beefs Up Digital Video Offerings

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif., May 09, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — ValueClick Media, a division of ValueClick, Inc., today announced the launch of its new digital video ad platform, ValueClick Video. Armed with industry leading targeting capabilities and optimization technology, ValueClick Video empowers advertisers to effectively reach and engage their audiences in a medium that is expected to become a major component of interactive advertising.

According to ValueClick Media’s 2011 advertiser survey results, 76 percent of advertisers plan to dedicate media spend to online video this year. ValueClick Media has its sights set on this surging ad format–expected to grow nearly 55 percent this year, according to eMarketer.

“The power of video is becoming evident in today’s online advertising landscape,” said Bill Todd, president of ValueClick Media. “With ValueClick Video, we are expanding our video footprint by combining our renowned targeting capabilities, real-time optimization and display campaign efficiencies into one high-impact, results driven platform for advertisers.”

ValueClick Media powers up new Video ad platform

ValueClick Video provides advertisers and brand marketers with innovative digital video solutions that leverage parent company ValueClick’s Data Management Platform. The proprietary Platform offers unique targeting capabilities that result in 5.5 times the lift in unaided awareness and increases purchase intent by as much as 73 percent when compared to industry norms (Vizu).

“The enhanced Video platform complements the current efforts of our sales teams across the U.S., allowing them to deliver highly-competitive cross-platform video ad solutions,” said Todd.

The new platform offers an available inventory of 10,000 brand safe websites–CNN, Fox News Channel, New York Post, Kiplinger, and more–plus the ability to reach 80 percent of all iPhone and Android users.

Premier targeting capabilities

ValueClick Video advertisers receive exclusive access to 212MM unique online user profiles and $6.7B in transactional data to pinpoint the ideal audience from display, to smartphones and tablet devices.

In order to deliver precisely on brand-specific campaign objectives, ValueClick Video offers the following targeting capabilities:

– Contextual — Page-level, machine-learned classification of users

– Geography — Target users by zip code, DMA, county or state

– Geo-fencing — Pinpoint video ads within a specific driving/walking distance

– Previous purchase activity — Data points provided by category product level, transactions, click, ad interaction or by browser

– Operating Platform — Find audiences by operating system (Mac, PC) or browser (Chrome, Firefox)

– Day-Part — Target users when they are most receptive to your message

Top talent hired to lead ValueClick Video

ValueClick Media is pleased to announce the appointment of two digital media veterans to lead ValueClick Video.

Dan Alexander, formerly the head of media for Adconion Direct, joins ValueClick Video as director of video strategy, and Lisa-Dawn Rogers, formerly the digital sales account director for BrightRoll, takes the role of national video strategy sales manager. The new leadership team brings two decades of combined experience managing progressive, results-driven video and digital ad campaigns for top brand advertisers.

“ValueClick Media has been a consistent market leader for the past 14 years across display, lead generation, mobile, and now video,” said Alexander. “The team has done an impressive job introducing video into this growing market, and I look forward to helping raise mass awareness around our video solutions, expertise, technology and data capabilities.”

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Smartphone Outnumber Basic Devices

According to TechCrunch, a Nielsen study found that as of March 2012, 50.4% of consumers in the country were using Smartphones.  Android based phones took 48.5% of the smartphone market followed closely by Apple at 32% (However, Apple is single-biggest smartphone handset brand).

The study even broke out usage of smartphones by ethnic groups, showing that Asian Americans have the highest usage of 67.3%, followed by Hispanics at 57.3%, African Americans at 54.4% and whites at 44.7%.

This trend is no surprise to most in online marketing, as many brands are flocking to mobile and technology providers are learning how to work with it.  Brand started experimenting with mobile several years back and now can use it for both branding and direct response advertising initiatives.

The mobile space has certainly grown from mobile text messaged ads to mobile search, and small display 320×50 ads at the bottom of application ads to rich video interstitials from companies like Greystripe.  As new handheld devices come to market, developers have needed to account of iPads and other tablets where most are leveraging HTML5.  The space continues to segment into Hispanic networks like Redmas that reinforce the investment many companies have made into space over the last couple years.

Internationally, the trend is interesting as well.  Countries in the first-world are high adopters of smartphone, but I those people in countries with less infrastructure are also getting their hands on smartphone before they get a computer.

I am excited about where the mobile and tablet industry will grow into next as the mobile channel is continue to impress.

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