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Making the Most of your MOJO Charts

Your MOJO Charts tab provides you four graphical representation of your campaigns’ performance. This provides a high level overview to different performance dimensions. Each chart can be updated based on preconfigured reports. Did you know that you can customize the performance metrics reported in your Charts for even more insight?

Here’s how:

1.  Create an Analytics Campaign Performance report.

Note: The X and Y variables shown on the chart will be based on the first dimension and first metric that are displayed in the report’s output. If you wish to display date or time trending, select a trend value in the Dimensions section of the Campaign Performance Template.

2.  Navigate to the dashboard.
3.  Locate the Charts area.
4.  Click the Update link associated with the currently displayed you wish to replace. 
5.  Select the name of the previously-created report template you wish to display as a custom from the Name drop-down menu.
6.  Select one of the following types of chart you wish to display from the Type drop-down menu.

  • Line
  • Bar
  • Pie
  • Area
  • US Map
  • World Map

7.  Click the Submit button to save the changes and display the chart or click the Cancel button to cancel the changes.

MOJO builds the custom chart and displays it on the dashboard. Repeat this process if you wish to replace the other default chart on the dashboard as well.  If you wish to restore the dashboard with the graphs that displayed before changing the settings, you must go back and manually re-select these graphs.

MOJO Charts display according to the user profile that selected the Chart settings. If you would like your colleagues to have access to the custom charts you have create

  1. MOJO admin users can create and save the analytics report in MOJO Adserver.
  2. The report must be shared with all agency users.
  3. Your colleagues can then update their Charts with the shared analytics report.

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