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Customizing MOJO Interface – Show/Hide

As you create and manage campaigns in MOJO Adserver, your MOJO environment will start to accumulate an extensive listing of campaigns, placements and creatives.   Here are a few ways to streamline the MOJO Adserver interface for easy navigation.

Hide Expired Campaigns

Too many old campaigns on the Dashboard screen?  By selecting on “Hide Expired” link at the top right corner of the campaign listing, all campaigns with past flight dates may be hidden from view consolidating your list of campaigns to only current campaigns.

Show Campaign Stats

Need a high-level view of your campaign statistics by placement without pulling a report?  Easy!  On the campaign level, there is an option to “Show Stats.”  By clicking on this link, three new columns will be added to the campaign level screen: Flight Dates, This Month and Last Month.  For each placement, you will see impression and click statistics for this month and last month.  Activity statistics are updated on a daily basis.

Stop and Hide Placements

If you have long-term campaigns with many placements, placements that are no longer running can be Stopped.  Stopping a placement makes the Adserver call inactive.  Stopped placements may be hidden from view making the placements list shorter and easier to view.  On the Campaign level, select “Hide Stopped” to hide stopped placements.  To reveal stopped placements, select “Show All.”

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