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US Online Ad Spend Growing 23.3% to Nearly $40 Billion

According to eMarketer, the online spend of online advertising will near $40 billion (39.5 to be exact), about 6 billion more than total print ads (newspapers/magazines) but still trailing television at whopping $15 billion.

As online advertising penetrates marketer’s media plans, it is clear that online advertising will continue to dominate newspaper, radio, magazines, etc.  So it is important for marketers to understand how to best tackle the market of potential consumers.

Many advertisers are jumping on-board to be apart of the digital wave but get overwhelmed by the amount of point solutions that tout products to make life “easier”, but in reality, it just makes things worse.  If you have been contacted by a point solution touting their ‘expertise” on a particular aspect of online marketing, it is very important to understand what they are actually bringing to the table and if that ‘solution’ is already something you have access to.  Having a framework for what your business needs, wants, or looking to become will be important as you flirt with pushing more dollars into digital.

A number of point solution vendors will tout features like dynamic messaging, tag management, retargeting, DMP, DSP,  reporting, and/or optimization, when in reality all of those features already exist (baked in) in tools like MOJO.  To make matters worse, some of these point solutions don’t have the longevity, knowledge base, or experience to execute (may need heavy integrations), making trust and reliability an issue.  So research well!!

If you are interested in learning more about this topic or others contact your Mediaplex Account Manager or Sales at 1.877.402.PLEX (7539).

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