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Priceline Testimonial for Videogenie – In Banner Video

Campaign: Priceline Testimonials
Advertiser: Videogenie
Format: Custom, In Banner Video, Polite, Social
Size: 300×250
Vertical: Web Media & Tech
Campaign Info: Videogenie, the expert in customer-generated video, takes it’s client’s video testimonials to a whole new level by integrating with online advertising through in banner video. In this example Priceline, Videogenie’s client, features a customer’s video testimonial. If the advertisement is viewed by a user with a webcam, they too, can upload a video testimonial about Priceline and submit it for posting. This is along with the landing pages are all managed through Videogenie’s technology. Mediaplex tracks interactions with this unit, for optimization and retargeting.

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Overdrive Interactive Wins Best Travel Rich Media Ad


To: Overdrive Interactive

For: AAASNE Fall Travel Partner Campaign
Award: Best Travel Rich media Online ad

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About the Entry

IAC Crystal Trophy

AAASNE’s Fall Travel Partner campaign featured rich media ads for select travel partners (e.g., Disney, Best Western, Royal Caribbean, Universal Orlando). These ads were targeted toward travel-minded adults in the client’s geographic areas (parts of MA, RI, and CT).

The campaign included eight travel partners, each with their own creative suite of expandable, interactive rich media banners. The campaign ran with five publishers (4 local media properties, 1 network) and garnered 9,860 landing page visits. The campaign’s cost per visit (primary KPI) was $7.73, with a 91.46% visit rate.

Award Credits


Online Media Manager: Mary Devine
Online Media Manager: Glenn Johanson
Account Executive: Michael Shinnick
Media Planner: Melissa Bazillion
Graphic Artist: Dave Kavaler
Design Director: Christian Gilbert
Director, Interactive: Andrew Abrahams
Sr. Client Director: David Gibson
Categories: Industry, Special Interest

Citrix System – RM Expandable

Campaign: Shift Up to the Cloud
Advertiser: Citrix Systems Inc.
Format: Expandable
Size: Other
Vertical: Web Media & Tech
Creative Agency: Just Media
Campaign Info: This banner has 4 panels within the expanded panel, allowing Citrix to maximize their ad space. Learn about the features of Citrix’s Netscaler Network Cloud solution by interacting with each tab. Interested users will be driven to the landing page whereby their information is collected in return for a whitepaper.

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Categories: Product

Project Health – Colorado – DM Rich Media

Campaign: Your Opinion Matters
Advertiser: Project Health Colorado
Format: Dynamic Messaging
Size: 728×90
Vertical: Health & Wellness
Creative Agency: Cactus Advertising
Campaign Info: Colorado Trust in conjunction with the Colorado Health Foundation brings awareness to Health Care Coverage through Project Health Colorado. This banner helps bring about healthcare awareness and polls users on their opinion about the program. An XML feed loads in the live polling results to the banner.

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Categories: Product

Craftmark Homes Expandable RM

Advertiser: Craftmark Homes
Format: Expandable
Size: 300×250
Vertical: Home & Garden
Campaign Info: Craftmark Homes showcases their new townhomes featuring superb locations, stunning architecture, lavish interiors and supreme energy efficiency with remarkable affordability.
Campaign: Expand Your Lifestyle

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Categories: Product Video RM

Campaign: Nation Rates Promotion
Format: In Banner Video
Size: 300×250
Vertical: Financial
Creative Agency: Mullen
Campaign Info: maximized their video asset by running it as a VAST PreRoll Video as well as an In Banner Video. The same file is used in both programs. This is the In Banner Video example loaded into Mediaplex’s flash player.

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Texas Dept. of State Health Service – Obesity Awareness – RM

Campaign: Obesity Awareness
Format: Polite, Video
Advertiser: Texas Department of State Health Services
Campaign Info: This in banner video compliments the Texas Department of State Health offline programs promoting obesity awareness in Texas communities. The banner drives users to a site with tools for a proactive approach to healthier lifestyle choices.

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