Display Ad Serving

Third party ad serving is an advertiser technology that pushes ads out to publishers/site and allows advertisers to holistically track the performance of these ads.  Advertisers use third party ad servers for several reasons:

  • Auditing/Accountability – With all the different publisher based tracking, a 3rd party ad server acts as the neutral party to compare each publisher/sites delivery and conversions objectively.  Ad serving technologies act as a layer on top of your entire media buy to compare “apples-to-apples” and can negotiate media buy delivery based on ad serving numbers.
  • Creative Management – Where a publisher optimizes the network of sites to deliver your ads to (audience) an ad server can help you optimize your message (creative) but showing the better performing creative more frequently to help drive performance.
  • Centralize Reporting – If an advertiser/agency has a media buy with several publisher/sites running, it can be very cumbersome to manage the various reports you might get from all 5, 10, 20+ sites in your media buy.  An ad server centralizes all of your reporting in one place giving advertisers a unified view of performance.  An ad server will also deduplicate conversion data based on the last ad see or last ad clicked across your sites and online channels.
  • Cross Site/Channel Creative Retargeting – Some ad server allow for extensive creative targeting and retargeting across your different sites and ad channels.  Meaning that if, “Joe Consumer” visits a couple websites in your media buy and interacts with them, the ad server can show targeted messaging based on that user’s anonymous activity.
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