Savvy marketers understand the value of one-to-one messaging in developing better relationships and customer loyalty, but they are increasingly challenged to do so in a way that is both cost-effective and efficient.  Targeting helps marketers tackle this challenge by allowing them to determine exactly whom they want to target based on previous behavior, and then serve up the most relevant message immediately.

  • Increase performance with customized, relevant messages based on segmented, targeted behavior
  • Differentiate between customers and prospects for intelligent analysis and targeting across channels

Other creative targeting features advertiser might leverage include:

  • Day Part Targeting – Time of day
  • Geo Targeting – Location Based
  • Mobile Targeting – Device Based
  • Browser Language  – (English, Spanish, French, etc)
  • Retargeting – Either cross site or cross channel
  • Operating System – Am I on a Mac or PC
  • Segmenting – Helpful for A/B testing
  • Domain Targeting – Am I on the finance or sports page of Yahoo?
  • Storyboarding- Sequencing ads based on impressions, click or conversion events
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